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F1 Career simulator is something I created after purchasing a videogame called F1 2015 for my PS4. F1 is a racing game and a pretty good one apart from one thing: it was lacking longevity as a result of missing game modes. I could only play a single season (18 races) but not get “contract offers” from other teams or build fame as a racer jumping from a small team to a high team. Unfortunately Career Mode was one of those features I most enjoyed out of the F1 games.

F1 Career Simulator simulates contract-offers based on the performance of the player. I accolade points based on his or her performance vs the team’s expectations and his teammate. This way when the entire team outperforms the expectations (ie is faster than expected), this would not falsely benefit the player. Instead it becomes a more realistic experience to move to the higher teams. I’ve also added a factor of luck, which uses the player’s points to calculate the number of offers he or she receives (2-4). Thanks to the tool players experience a real sense of progress in hopes that the likes of Ferrari or Mercedes are just around the corner.

I didn’t stop there however and added a series of challenges players can compete in. Therefore this tool not only offers a way to progress, it also offers clear goals and feedback points along the way. One of the goals for example is to earn 125.000.000 of salary after seven years of racing. I use performance figures and real-life team finance data to determine salaries. Higher placed teams do pay higher salaries for example.

After the initial release I updated the tool with a 2014 mode, team introduction pages and car info pages. This improves the realism and enables a great experience when players get to meet their new boss for the very first time.

I believe F1 2015 Career Simulator provides more longevity to F1 2015 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. I originally made it for myself but am very happy to share it with other players. Initial reception was through the roof with over 700 visitors in the first three days. These visitors did not come from Google as the site was very new but instead came from referrals (85%) or direct (9%). A very good start given the young age of the website.

F1 2015 Career Mode simulator is currenty live and running.

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