Healthclub Heijenoord

Healthclub Heijenoord is a fitness club in Arnhem that offers unlimited use of their lifestyle service (fitness, welness and guidance) for a monthly fee. Gym facilities include a spa, Les Mills classes, martial arts classes, a luxurious lounge and the latest equipment from the likes of technogym.

In 2014 they were in the running to become fitness club of the year. Members could vote via a special link and the club with the highest number of voters would win. They asked me to promote, instruct and help customers vote for the club. I helped the club gain votes by making it easier to cast a vote.

On the contest website I found out there’s quite a treshold to vote. Users had to fill in their name, birthday, gender, email address, opt for special voting (a sponsored spammy thing), provide ratings, provide optional feedbad click submit. Then they had to visit their email address and confirm the vote. To lower the treshold I made a system that automated the vote based on just two metrics: name and email. Members could fill in their own email or use a secret email provided by one of three domain names I wildcarded for the gym. I did this because the organizaiton of the contest had a tendency to spam voters and I wanted to provide the option to users to stay annonymous.

The system would generate javascript that would complete the entire voting process based on the two metrics. The vote would then be added to the list of completed voters. This automated voting process made it super simple for members to cast a vote. The club finished 2nd that year in the contest that year. One year later they finished in 1st place and were voted best fitness club in the Netherlands!