Muriel Liket asked me to build here a website for clients in seek of help and coaching. In my briefing we sat and discussed what feelings we wanted to convey with the site; we settled for feelings of security, clarity and professionalism. With these feelings in the back of my head I started sketching and designed the website.

Each page is structured very rigidly but still come across as playful thanks to the use of quotes and header images. These images also act as a guidance for the user to see where they are. Thanks to the use of web animations I was able to transform the menu on hover and make the underlines float from behind the image towards the header. This playful element helps break the structure of the website and makes it more personal.

Liket-coaching is built on WordPress using a custom theme I built which listen to the latest standards in web technology. It’s fully responsive and built using mobile-first with no use of external libraries or frameworks. This helps minimize the load and makes the website faster.

Liket-coaching can soon be accessed using her domain

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