PlayStationOrb is an offspring of GeekOrb but focused solely on PlayStation. I created the blog as a way to keep momentum going with the Orb brand and to bridge the gap to the release of Geekorb v2. PlayStation was a very hot topic at the time as they had just revealed the new console; the first of the next-gen hardware and months before their main competitor Xbox.

PlayStationOrb has an initial benefit over GeekOrb due to its domain name containing the word “playstation”. This helps Google with indexing the site and in turn increases the SERP rating in its respectful area of interest. The site adopted a completely responsive design in CSS3 and HTML5. Using Media Queries percentages to size the DOMs I was able to scale the site with a few break points where necessary.

I created the logo and kept the color scheme close to the blue hue used by Sony to market their gaming platform. After deciding on blue I added a yellow hue for recognition and to maintain a perfect split color schematic (blue/yellow). This site was my first encounter with the Google Font library to mix the text up a bit. I chose a sans-sarif font with an increased line-height to help give the site a pleasant feel, because in latest tests it turns out people love the increased line-height despite reading faster when the lines are closer together.

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  • 2012