ThetaHealing By Nancy

ThetaHealing is a site I made for a client. She offers seminars and consultations to people who want to unlock a sense of mental awareness and happiness. In this particular case I offered to host and maintain her website myself so she could invest all of her time in the business and avoid having to fiddle hours on very simple tasks she is not trained in.

The site is responsive and made from WordPress. Quick links on the homepage grant access to the agenda (customers), Q&A (potential customers) and the sign-up screen. I’ve also used a background-image to create a parallax effect; keeping the site interesting without losing the clear hierarchy in its information design and visual minimalism. I went for a clear structure to provide clarity and stillness to the design, offloading the sense of playfulness to the use of images instead.

ThetaHealing By Nancy started her own website recently to cut costs. She is currently open for business.