Topicus is a large company in Deventer specialized in delivering ICT products to large corporations and companies in the Netherlands. I worked at Topcius for 6 months as an internship in their finance department. During my time there I worked on a new UI for the back-end of a mortgage system. From a fixed design optimized for 1024px displays I worked with a fellow student on designing the system around a changeable canvas.

To get the new system I dubbed Spiro (latin for breathe) designed I spoke with a lot of clients and colleagues on the steps required to move the usability forward. What I found was that clients wanted to work on tablets and work efficiently on larger and wider displays. They also complained about the usability, information density and long loading times of the product.

After mapping the information architecture I started rearranging the interface to make often used functions more accessible. Extra screen real-estate was used to decrease the information density whilst maintaining the clear hierarchy in the UI. I figured it would make sense to add additional features once clients got used to the new design and reliable analytics numbers flow in.

The prototype adopted a smart table system I designed where certain columns included larger gaps to emphasise items that shared a particular relation. FORCE (as its called) now had a responsive interface and cured many of the critics bankers had and analytics showed from the previous interface.

Following the final presentation of the new interface clients responded saying it was a fresh take and a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Topicus rewarded the internship with an 8.

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