Self-Relfections, mindful journal and happiness tracker

Self-Reflection Mindfulness app with benefits

Self-Reflection for your awareness

Luci will ask you a carefully curated reflective questions based on a topic of your choice. These key questions can help you gain insight into your own feelings and behavior.

Happiness tracking and AI

During each session Luci asks you to rate your session on a 1-10 scale. These ratings are used to feed the on-device ML algorithm. So over time Luci will learn patterns and can tune the questions she asks to really help you get on top whatever challenge you are facing.

Keep a journal

If you prefer Luci can be used to keep a daily journal to accompany your reflective question and your ratings. These journal entries can be really helpful to provide more context and add another layer of reflective data. Science agrees that keeping a journal offers many health benefits such as reduced stress, strengthened emotional functions and a sharper memory.

Private and secure

Designed by intent Luci is fully secure and private. Data stays on your device at all times and the app can be used offline. ML algorithms are added through app updates only and nobody can access your data without accessing your physical device. Using an optional biometric or passcode lock you can add even more layers of protection from unwanted access if your device is ever exposed.


Next steps

Follow the Luci blog for updates on the app and tips on self-reflection and awareness. Spending time on your mental health is important and apps are just a tool to get us there. For feature requests or questions please find us on Social Media. Finally we recommend to keep the app installed on your device so you automatically receive all the latest features and updates on your device.

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