Freelance developer

I can help make stable and optimised software. Specialised in Front End work and Native Apps using React Native or Ionic. I also have some background in UX work and can help with CI/CD or NodeJS. Looking for a developer for project work, conference talks or trainings? Please contact me for availability.

Experience in companies large and small

As a freelance I bring a lot of experience to the table. I've worked at scale-ups, multinationals, large national companies and some smaller companies as well. Available for remote and on-premise work.

How can I help?

If one of the following options applies I‘d love to hear from you.

Talk at a conference

Hosting a conference? I’d love to offer a talk as a speaker and talk about technology or my experience. Popular topics include Javascript, Typescript, React, Angular and general programming tips.

Provide a workshop

I’m available for (multi day) workshops for your team. I can teach Angular, React, RXJS, Javascript and general programming tips.

Work on a project

I‘d love to help your team on projects hands-on. My expertise is mostly in architecture, greenfield or building application(s) in Javascript. You can check my resume and projects for a full summary.

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