Dealer Portal

Dealer Portal is an online portal for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda dealers in the Netherlands. They can manage prospects and see how many miles customers have driven. They can also read maintenance messages from the vehicle.

I built the portal using Angular5 and the latest version of NGRX (redux) for state management. The portal exists of a large set of filters that influence the amount of cars dealers see in the list. So I wrote an effect that can fetch the vehicles and pulls all the active filters from the application state. Furthermore every change of filter pushes an event that in fires the get Vehicles effect.

I tried to improve on the older version of the Dealer Portal by also refactoring all the code into CSS Flex and SVGs. This made the UI look extremely crisp even on high-resolution screens. I also introduced subtle animations to provide better feedback to the user so they know which filters are turned on.

Dealer Portal is used by VW, VW bedrijfswagens, Audi, Seat and Skoda dealers. Thanks to the portal dealers can keep track of (potential) customers and their vehicles.application used by Fleet Owners in the Netherlands. Each fleet can exist of many vehicles and employees. Fleet admins can see every route plotted on a GoogleMaps map and edit vehicles, employees or the connection between vehicle and employee.