Swapfiets Marketing Website

I worked as a Front End Developer in the team responsible for all the customer facing products including the websites and account environment. I quickly became the project owner of an internal product called Handlebar - a library and design system. When I joined the company I saw many design changes and copied code across projects hindered progress and caused mistakes and inconsistency in the branding.

Therefore I pioneered Handlebar as a monorepo containing versioned design documentation and libraries in different stacks such as SCSS and Angular. This product helped spearhead the new website for cusotmers and replaced duplicate code in active projects.

Handlebar contained automatic unit testing and E2E testing. I went the extra mile to automatically snapshot each component and compare the screenshot to a reference shot. This way the design department could validate changes and would know that the design wouldn’t change by accident. The design system was also automatically documented for developers.

I created most of the components seen on different Swapfiets products today including all the reactive form components in Angular, buttons, navigation bars with animations and more. And contributed for a large part to the many looped attribute classes needed for styling each and every page to the pixel.








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